The Hubcoin White Paper Is Out, Slack Channel Open

The first white paper version for Hubcoin is available for download from here:

Github Hubcoin repository

White paper is about 10 pages long and it covers topics like motivation, hubcoins and “hot” hubcoins, governance rules and implementation examples.

The website at was also updated with a tentative roadmap for 2017, which, very briefly, aims at having a working prototype in about 6 months. I tried to give my best shot at estimating the necessary effort for this and I hope I’m right. But given the high rate of entropy in my life during the last few months, this may be optimistic.

You can also join the Hubcoin Slack channel, which will be the preferred way to communicate with the potential community around this project.

This white paper is just the first iteration. Until the end of March I will update it with more info, especially in areas related to the token generation and community multiplier formula, which now have only placeholder implementations.

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